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The Word Dowry needs to be eliminated from the society as it attributes a very obnoxious flavor to the pious social institution called marriage. Marriage in India has been a very important event in any individual’s life and is seen as the first step towards familial life. India is a country with rich and wide heritage variety and cultural aristocracy, which upholds the family and bondages therein very seriously.

It is not uncommon to see parents’ saving their lifetime earnings for their children’s future and wedding in a typical scenario of a middle class family or even a rich family. And they wish to give these savings to their newlyweds as a starting platform for new life full of roles and responsibility. Further since the daughter leaves her parental house to go to in – laws’ house, she also gets her share in the ancestral property which she is entitled to.

All these were age old practices and there were no qualms about it. But vested interests and radical women organizations made a mountain out of a mole, using adverse media coverage to their advantage and got passed utterly bad laws in the name of Dowry Prevention. These laws only helped to increase the number of litigations but has in no way been effective enough to curb the menace or eradicate the dirty word called “Dowry”.

Hence Save Indian Family Foundation has taken this initiative and calls upon, citizens, if they happen to know that a dowry exchange is happening anywhere in a marriage or there is a whisper of extravagant / lavish spending in the marriage being done, they can lodge a complaint with us via a simple complaint form at the website.

SIFF Activists will follow up the complaint and contact the local DPO and ensure with follow up actions that dowry exchanges do not happen in reported marriages and the DPO exercises power conferred on him / her as per the Act.